Monday, August 19, 2013

GDG North Atlanta August Meeting

GDG North Atlanta August Meeting will happen on Tue, Aug 27, at the Atlanta Tech Village (7:30pm - 9pm), held in the 5th floor meeting space (park in the deck, take elevator from 1st floor lobby up).

We've got 2 talks lined up for this month!

David Chandler, long time GTUG Atlanta advocate and friend, will give a short talk about Google Apps tips and tricks, as well as living the digital life.

Steve Ziegler, Senior Architect at BetterCloud, will give a talk on implementing complex, long-running tasks on Google App Engine using the Pipeline API.

Pizza and drinks provided, as always.  Donations to cover food/drink cost are welcomed.


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Talk - Google Apps Tips & Tricks + Living the Digital Life
Speaker: David Chandler

Talk - Implementing Complex, Long-running Tasks on Google App Engine using the Pipeline API 
Speaker: Steve Ziegler

This event is co-sponsored by BetterCloud and Atlanta Tech Village.