Friday, January 22, 2010

First Meeting Scheduled - Thurs Feb 11th 7PM Google Midtown

Google has agreed to host our first meeting (Feb 11th, 7PM) at their Midtown offices!  
Google Atlanta
Millennium at Midtown
10 10th Street NE
Suite 600
Atlanta, GA 30309
Phone: +1 404-487-9000
Fax: +1 404-487-9001

I am excited to get this group started, and to meet everyone and learn more about Google technologies! Please help get the word out, let your friends know, and join the Google Group -

The lineup will be a short intro about the group and the plans for it, by me, and then a presentation by Chris Ramsdale (Googler) on GWT best practices.  After Chris' presentation we should also have time for a round of 5-6 lightning talks - quick talks by *YOU* that last only 5 minutes or so, on any topic related to Google Technology you want. This should open up things for discussion and get us talking, and it gives people who haven't had time to pre-schedule things an opportunity to speak to the group. (We will likely have time for 5-6 of these per meeting, so everyone may not get a chance each time, but I will bring a sign up sheet or such, if you don't get a chance on one occasion, there will be another.)

A few procedural notes about the setup, attendees will have to sign the standard Google Badge/Meeting NDA (I will attach a PDF copy of the agreement to this group for review, nothing shocking in it, just standard letting you in to the inner sanctum type stuff), and there is no free parking at the building. The building has a 24/7 parking lot that accepts credit cards, just not free. Another option is the 10th street MARTA station which is right next to the building.

Hope to see you there! Again - Feb 11th, 7PM Google Midtown.

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